Overactive Bladder Information
Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
Urethral stricture Information
Kidney health care in Lucknow
BPH information
Best treatment of Prostate and BPH
Covid19 and Urinary problems
What problems can happen if we ignore kidney issues in this pandemic. Let's listen to Dr Aditya Sharma
Health tips for Kidney care
Let's listen to Dr Aditya Sharma about Tips to reduce risk for Kidney problems
Prostate cancer
Don't be afraid of Prostate cancer. With best treatment it is completely curable. Let's listen to Dr Aditya
Supine PCNL
Supine PCNL is best technique for Kidney stones. It is better than conventional Prone PCNL in terms of Patient safety.
Kidney Cancer
Kidney cancer can be deadly. Now it is possible to cure kidney cancer without removing Kidney. Laparoscopic Keyhole method
COVID19 & Kidney Problems
Do not ignore kidney problems as they may result in permanent renal dysfunction
Dialysis vs Kidney Trasnplant
What is better for me? Listen to the Expert.
Kidney Transplant advantages
will my life be better after Transplant.. know from Dr Aditya Sharma
Types of Kidney Trasnplant
know from expert
Life After Kidney Transplant
Is life after transplant better than Dialysis. Know from expert
Buccal Mucosa Urethroplasty
Urethral Stricture best Treatment and result.
Dr Aditya given Best Urologist Award
Common Urological Diseases
Preventing Kidney Problems is better than curing them
Cancer Prostate
Symptoms Diagnosis and treatment of Prostste cancer
How To Keep Your Kidneys Healthy
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