Urethral Stricture 
Condition of Narrowing of urethra lumen causing reduction in urinary flow.
Can happen both in Men & women but 9t is far more common in Males.
Condition is caused by 
1- Infection of urine & urethra
2-Injury by external trauma or Instrumentation. 
3- Prolonged urinary catheter
4- Unknown causes

1- decreased urine flow
2- recurrent urine infection
3- pus or Blood in urine
4- complete blockage of urine flow
5- frequent urination.
6- incomplete bladder emptying.
Diagnosis & Treatment 
Diagnosis requires
1- Uroflowmetry 
2- Urethrogram (RGU MCU)
3- Cystoscopy 

There is no medication for Stricture 
Surgery is only Treatment option.
1- DVIU/ OIU - 60% Success, only suitable for small stricture 
2- Urethroplasty - 90% success rate with Buccal mucosa graft Urethroplasty. 
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