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Kidney Transplant is a gift of Life..
Best Kidney Transplant Specialist India
Pediatric urology treatment
Kidney surgery in 6 year old kid by Laparoscopic method
Rajput ji had Laparoscopic removal of Kidney tumor while saving Kidney.
#kidneycancer #LaparoscopicPartialNephrectomy has Following advantages 1- Saves Kidney and Kidney Function 2- Removes and Cures cancer effectively. 3- Has minimal Bleeding 4- Early recovery 5- Smaller Cut & very few Stitches. 6- No Renal Ischemia as blood supply was not stopped.
mini PCNL for kidney stone
Patient feedback on next day of mini PCNL for stone Surgery. comfort and satisfaction in eyes of patient explain how safe this procedure is. Chose best laser Mini PCNL for your Kidney Stone
Laser RIRS for Large Kidney stone
Mis Nikita sharing hr experience with our urologist after her laser procedure for Kidney stone
Feedback of patient with Bilateral ureteric stones
Acute bilateral ureteric obstruction can cause permanent renal dysfunction and can even be life threatening. timely management can save the Kidney and save Life.
Post RIRS patient Feedback
RIRS is a safe and effective way of kidney stone removal with a laser without and cut stitches or bleeding.
Nausheen Fatima
Dr Adittya sir is amongst one of the best urologists in Lucknow. Even in a panic situation, he is calm and sorted which is very good for the patient as well. He is a very talented surgeon with a wonderful confidence level. He listens to his patient's concerns with a calm mind and is a spot decision-maker. I would recommend if anyone has urology-related issues, please consult with Dr Adittya sir.
Alok Kumar
Dr. Aditya Sharma is one of the most prominent urologists in the world ? I had experienced a very soothing touch during his treatment as I got tremendous confidence for my recovery. A couple of months back I had developed serious urology-related issues and for which I had to visit an end number of urologists across the country and abroad as well but all went in futile as for several months there was not even a sign of recovery and the issue was getting worse. In due course of time, I had a chance to meet Dr. Aditya who not only build up confidence in me but also guided me throughout his treatment. Amazingly after a few months, there was a big sign of recovery which make me feel confident. I am sure that none of the urologists across the world could match his intelligence and experience. I would recommend everyone who had urology-related issues. One of the most amazing doctors I have ever met in my life...
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