It is an Inflammatory condition of Prostate
1- Burning in Urine, Heaviness in lower abdomen and perineum, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Low Sexual desire & Potency

1- unknown
2- Smoking
3- Gutkha/ Tobacco
4- prostate infection 
Specialist Urologist or Sexologist

1- Acute Cases - for Symptoms less than 3 months. requires treatment for 3-6 months
2- Chronic Cases - Symptoms persisting more than 3 months with or without treatment. requires treatment for 6months to 1 year or sometimes need prostate surgery.

Diet for healthy Prostate
Measures Urine Speed & Volume
Diet advise for Good Prostate health

Reduce/Avoid taking

1- Caffeine: Tea coffee
2-Red Meat
3- Dairy Products 
4- Salt
5- Alcohol

Increase intake of
1- Fruits
2- Green vegetables 
3- Onion Garlic 

1- Maintain health weight 
2- Daily exercise 
3- Be Sexually active 

Exercise For healthy Prostate
Baddha Konasan 
Involves sitting down with the soles of the feet touching, 
and the knees low to the ground. It helps to open up the 

Is another seated position that can help release pelvic 
tension around the prostate. 

Supta Padangusthasana 

This is a lying-down, leg extension pose that may 
strengthen the pelvic floor and release tension 

Janu Sirsasana 
This is a seated forward bend pose that focuses on 
stretching one leg. As well as reducing pelvic tension, 
this pose may help improve strength in the core region. 

This is lying-down back bending pose that may 
strengthen the abdomen. pelvic floor. and lower back 

Biparitkarani Mudra 
This is a more advanced position that people should 
only try when they have built up some strength in their 
pelvic floor and lower back 
Healthy Prostate mean Healthy Man
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