It is a renal replacement treatment required for patients with Renal failure.
? Dialysis is a procedure to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly.

? It often involves diverting blood to a machine to be cleaned.

Once Chronic Kidney failure has happened it is irreversible in most of the cases. Ultimately When native kidneys fail to support basic body functions we need to chose External measures for Blood Filtering and removal of excess water and waste product.


it is an easily accessible option and in short term relatively inexpensive. Doesn't requires very advanced setup and can be made patient-friendly for regular Maintenence Dialysis.

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Disadvantages of Dialysis 
Normal Kidney performs numerous body functions but dialysis can on minor components. 

Normal Kidney Filters whole body blood every 5 minutes. 
While Maintenance dialysis can only be done every alternate day at best. In between the period of Dialysis the waste products and excess water keeps on accumulating and making normal day to day life cumbersome. Patients on Dialysis feel extreme weakness and lack of energy.

Kidney has over 50 types of functions in Body compared to Dialysis which can only take care of 2-3 functions like the removal of excess water and solutes. For remaining functions like Hemoglobin formation and Blood pressure control patients are mostly dependant on Medications or Blood Transfusions. there are various waste products in blood which still can not be removed by Dialysis and they Keep on accumulating.  

With each dialysis, blood is rapidly taken out and passed through the dialysis machine and is put back rapidly into the system. This overtime causes excess load on Heart causing cardiac failure.
 with dialysis patients need vascular access in the form of a fistula or peritoneal access in the form of CAPD catheter. 

These accesses have a potential risk of infection and failure. ultimately there are finite access options which may run out with time in many patients.
Due to all these reasons, Dialysis had a mortality rate as high as 25% per year. Morbidity of Dialysis due to accumulating Financial loss, emotional distress, loss of occupation along with expenses related to various complications of the disease, is immense.

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Kidney Transplant 
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Kidney Transplant:

As we have understood, the best job of Kidney can be done only by a Human Kidney so far. For Transplantation, one can either go for living or cadaveric organ donor. 
Why Transplant:

Compared with dialysis, kidney transplant is associated with:

Better quality of life

Lower risk of death

Fewer dietary restrictions

Lower treatment cost after 1st year of dialysis

We have concluded it is always better to go for a Kidney transplant for most of the advantages over dialysis. For More Information reach

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